ASI Giving Back Scholarship

It is the intent of this scholarship to provide financial assistance as well as reward students who display exceptional leadership and who contribute to the campus community at CSU Stanislaus. Students may NOT reapply for this scholarship once becoming a recipient.
Student’s must be enrolled at least part-time to receive this award (Undergraduate students – 6 units; Graduate Students – 4 units). Applicants must show an unmet need which will be determined through the completion of a FAFSA or CADAA,

Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you been a recipient of the ASI Giving Back scholarship in the past?
  2. Are you an incoming or current ASI member?
  3. Are you an active contributor to the CSU Stanislaus community and/or previous high school or community college community?
  4. Please choose and answer ONLY one essay question:
  5. (Question #1) Please describe the contributions you have made through extracurricular activities and/or advocating on behalf of a cause that has impacted you, the campus, and/or the community. How do you hope to give back to the community in the future?
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